First Love


The love for skateboarding is something that is hard to explain. Most people see skateboarding as something you do as a kid and eventually grow out of. For many of us that do it and know that feeling of when you land that first kickflip and look up to see your friends who are just as hyped about it as you are. The feeling of accomplishment everyday when you are sore but you got the video clip of the trick you tried for hours. It is the best feeling ever, almost indescribable. It becomes a drug, you just want to do it more and you know its something you couldn’t just stop doing. It starts to be all you think about all day. I remember being in school and all I could think about was where I was going to skate and what tricks I wanted to do after I got out of class. Every day was a skate day, oh how I miss those days but I could never imagine not skating again. Even after injuries and life just being so busy that I couldn’t get on my board for months at a time.¬†Yes I have grown up but I haven’t out grown skating, I will continue to skate until I physically unable to stand on a board. I am a skateboarder, and I love it!

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