Trip to Bradenton skatepark


Recently some of the team made a trip to the skatepark in Bradenton Florida.

We got to the park just after the sun had gone down and were surprised to see how packed it was, the skatepark is apart of main park in the city right under one of the interstate 75 exits right next to a channel leading to the Gulf of Mexico. It is a beautiful park, all smooth concrete featuring an old school stye pool and a snake run at the top. In the middle under the bridge they have 5 different boxes, two flat toped, a up ledge, a right to left sloped ledge, and a half moon ledge that you can ollie into and out of like a kicker ramp. There was also a long flat bar that was excessively waxed. At the end there was a little transition section with a pyramid and a down rail. as well as a huge vert wall that has the restrooms on the other side.

Over all the trip was a success and we were able to get video together of the skating and hijinks that ensued.