Our Approach

Skateboarding has tought us so much over the years, the good, the bad, the accomplishments and the slams. We want to share our love by shedding a positive light on skateboarding by growing the skateboard community and making it a more safe and fun place for the youth that are just getting started.

Our Story

Logan and Will both began skateboarding in middle school. They didn't know each other from school but met at a local skate spot and their friendship grew from there. Logan and Will both believe that people have a negative look on skateboarders and try to change that on a daily basis. They wanted to share their passion for skateboarding with the community, thus Level Skateboarding was created.


We have the most knowledgeable and welcoming team members.

Will Davis

Co-Founder & CEO

Will has always wanted to get the community involved in something bigger than skateboarding and encourage kids to start skating. He had the idea to create Level Skateboarding and do exactly that. Will makes all of the shirts himself and puts a lot of hard work into the company.

 Logan started skateboarding in middle school. He wanted to take it a step further, thus Level Skateboarding was created. Logan enjoys taking old skateboards and making them into new things, like necklaces and rings.

Jenny Bess

Creative Director

Jenny is an artist through and through. After we got the name for our company, Jenny instantly came up with our famous Script Logo. She is also a photographer and blogger.